Digital Smile Design

Comfort. Accuracy. Transparency, throughout your Orthodontic Treatment.

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Acccurate results


 We begin with a 3D scan of your teeth so that you can get an exact picture of what is going on from day one.Accurate. Transparent. Comfortable.. No messy impressions needed.


.We use our advanced technology to show you how your smile can look in the future if you should commit to a brace treatment. Teens love our technology and parents love how accurate everything is.


We plan a treatment that suits you.. Your time will vary depending on your needs. From 6 months upwards it is individual to you. Your specialist will advise, giving you a roadmap for the required commitments. 

Each and every patient, has a unique smile, therefore we need to take an accurate impression of your teeth and jaws to plan the very best treatment.

We can achieve this using our iTero digital scanner.

With our advanced digital iTero scanner, you can go from just imagining your NEW SMILE to seeing it right there on the screen before you begin orthodontic treatment!
Certainty – our technology helps us do that for you!
On your consultation we can map out your new smile using 3D images of your teeth taken by our iTero Element scanner. From there, you will be presented with a transparent and custom treatment plan that’s just for you.
During treatment we can also visually track your treatment progress, involving you in your new smile journey all the way!

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