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Why Invisalign teen is good

for teens and parents?

Invisalign is the preferred clear aligner choice for thousands of orthodontists and dental patients worldwide. At Ennis and Limerick Orthodontic Practice we offer an unrivalled service, using the best technology to give clients the best results.

Invisalign aligners are completely transparent and custom made to gradually straighten teeth without the use of uncomfortable metal wires or brackets. Good news for teens and parents.

Why Invisalign teen is good for TEENS..

  • Easy to use – put them in and take them out with ease and minimal fuss
  • The clear, discreet aligner means teens can wear them with confidence
  • Uses slower, gentler movements than metal braces, so teens experience less pain and discomfort
  • Ability to remove them encourages good oral hygiene
Invisalign Teen Ireland
Invisalign Teen Ireland

Why Invisalign teen is good for PARENTS..

  • Detailed 3D images of the teeth are taken, meaning your child gets the best made-to-measure aligners on the market
  • They’re convenient and encourage good oral hygiene
  • Teens will feel confident wearing them, which means less stress all round
  • Less time spent at the dentist – unlike metal braces that need adjusting frequently, Invisalign is much easier to manage at home

    Discover how Invisalign can straighten your teen’s teeth. We offer a digital smile scan at consultation to help you see the outcomes of orthodontic treatment from the first day, talk to our team at Ennis and Limerick Orthodontic Practice about booking an appointment and take the first step.